Mobility Scooters

Ranging from car transportable scooters to road going scooters, we have something for everyone

Car Transportable

Car Transportable's, often called "Boot Scooters" are designed to be disassembled for easy transport in the boot of the car. 

Often they are the lightest on the market and are ideal for shopping centres and weekends away.

Available in a variety of sizes, larger ones are also equipped with suspension for more challenging terrains.

Electric folding

Available in manual or automatic, with just the press of a button the scooter compacts to the size of a suitcase.

These scooters are able to travel just under 10 miles on a full charge and are ideal for not only shopping trips but also cruises.

Class 2 Scooter

Class 2 scooters are for those who do not require road use however need a more capable scooter than one that is able to be dismantled.

They are restricted to 4mph and are ideal for people who live in residential areas or slightly out of town and are looking to traverse over fairly flat ground.

The average range on a class 2 scooter is around 20 miles on a full charge. 

Class 3

A Class 3 scooter is the largest and most capable scooter on the market. They are able to be used both on the pavement and on the roads as they can reach speeds of up to 8mph.

A Class 3 will not dismantle for easy transport but will have both lights and wing mirrors.

People looking for a scooter to be used for poor conditions such as steep inclines, rough driveways etc would be best suited to buying a Class 3.


Some models of Class 3 scooters are able to traverse distances of over 30 miles and so make a better daily option for people who need them for constant use.

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